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Every Tuesday this summer, GoMart Rewards members earn TRIPLE POINTS on all purchases*.

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Every cryptid leads to legendary points! Unlock all seven to earn 5,000 Bonus Points!

 During our Summer Cryptid Quest, GoMart Reward members can earn Reward points faster with specially marked items and unlock cryptids along the way. Unlock all seven cryptids to earn 5,000 bonus points! Then, redeem your extra Reward points for savings on gas!* To cash in on these deals, make sure you are a registered GoMart Rewards member. 

*3000 points can be redeemed for .10 off on each gallon of gas. Up to $1.00 off.

Want to learn more about the fascinating lore surrounding these otherworldly creatures? Discover the secrets of each cryptid below. 

White Thing
Snarly Yow

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