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Over the past 100 years, GoMart has strived to maintain small-town, family-owned values while becoming a champion of progress. We are proud of our past and are looking forward to another 100 years serving our customers.

Our Timeline

Early 1900’s

Fred, Charles, and Rod Heater begin their business supplying fuel to gasoline-powered paddle boats running the Little Kanawha River.


The Heater Oil Company is formed and opens bulk plants for the storage and distribution of petroleum products, in strategic locations near railways throughout the state.


The Heater Oil Company is passed down to a new generation of Heater brothers: John, William, and James.


Heater Oil installed West Virginia’s first self-serve gas pumps, naming the station Go Tron.


The first GoMart store opens, a two-bay garage with four gas pumps and a small store with various grocery items in Gassaway, WV. The store’s name was chosen through an employee contest.


GoMart was first in West Virginia to add in-store cooking facilities and to provide proprietary-blend beans that were ground on premises, offering the freshest coffee around.


Technology advances were introduced such as pay at the pump and computerized registers.


Store expansion continues in West Virginia, Virginia and Ohio and Go Mart began incorporating beer caves into its stores.


Reintroduced Marty the GoMart Gopher


GoMart Rewards Program is launched


Launch of our app.


Updated app and rewards program launched.

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